Green Solutions

Mira is a green solutions provider incorporated with the vision to offer its clients comprehensive solutions in energy, contaminated waste, water and sewage treatment, Municipal Solid Waste, and more.

Welcome to Mira Green Tech Pvt Ltd, India's premiere Green Solutions Provider. Mira offers comprehensive solutions in key areas including; Alternative Energy, Water Management effluent and Sewage treatment, Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage Treatment solutions; both highly contaminated medical waste and routine street waste, and more. Our aim is to provide green solutions that help India succeed.

To meet this need, Mira has exclusively partnered with leading international firms in their specialized fields and with extensive experience to address the requirements of the Indian market. We offer a holistic approach to "Green" projects through these relationships with proven state-of-the-art technology providers and we adapt them to meet the diversified needs of the Indian market.

Whether it be the development of a solar park to harness the power of the suns natural energy; to providing hospitals, clinics and labs a simple, safe and highly-effective solution to their ever growing hazardous waste issues; to helping to design and implement advanced water treatment programs to help build water reserves and safeguard India's water supply and more, Mira can help to make that a reality for India and you.

Mira looks forward to providing you with sound and innovative solutions to your "green" project needs.